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How to order DESIGN ?

Please contact HERE to arrange a meeting with MAi SHiRATO. 
Make sure you read the section on Terms & Conditions.

Prior to the meeting, decide upon budget constraints, quantities of any printed material, any necessary photography or imagery, and deadlines. A design brief is also helpful as it gives the designers a framework from which to work, they are compulsory for logo design, websites and graphic design.
*Please plan ahead. Bear in mind that printing alone takes 7- 10 working days. The design of proposal may take 2- 4 weeks. Web design can take quite a considerable time for design, testing and approval. The best way to assure a smooth process is to pre-plan and meet with me well in advance so I can understand what you want. Change of instruction after the design jobs commence adds considerable cost and time to the job.
If your job does not require a new design or follows a previous job, you should talk to me that can deliver the design more efficiently.

What kind of DESIGN Service?

MAi SHiRATO is a professional, creative, desktop publishing (DTP) operators and Graphic / Web designers who is highly trained and able to meet your requirements.

I can finish the design in half the time, so you can concentrate on your job.
I can organise the design, illustration, print for you.
I can creatively expand your ideas to entice your target market.
I can design and manage the whole project for your business card, logo, reports, brochures, flyers, posters, web sites, and much more.
- Graphic design
- Logo design, CI 
- Annual reports, prospectus, posters, brochures, flyers, bookmarks, magazines, newsletters, marketing campaigns, branding documents, advertising, banners and calendars.
- Web design
- Websites, one to one web site, one to one electronic marketing.
- CD/DVD mastering, e-marketing.
- Form design — electronic, web or paper.
- Desktop publishing and prepress for all printing requirements.
- Print management from design to delivery.
- Stationery

How to order ITEMS ?

Please contact HERE to get an information for Bank Transfer of MONOCOTO creation, or a visit by appointment to my Studio. Make sure you read the section on Terms & Conditions.

And details of Delivery & Payment referred to below.

Delivery & Payment


I usually ready to ship within 1-3 working days of payment. Unless it's a Holiday or Sunday, then I'll ship the next business day. Every order will come nicely packaged in handmade gift bag. Orders of multiple pieces will ship in ONE box. Basically the shipping is by registered mail. But please note I don't assume any responsibility for late arrivals or missing. 

The Purchaser will pay the shipping costs depending on the weight, size of the goods, and how many items. Details referred to below.

Ship to:
Germany - 4.85 € 
All other countries - 9.45 €
* The cost as single shipping.
* I carefully check each item before it is packaged, however!

When an item arrives damaged, please just send me a picture. The claims shall be due immediately upon ordering. In case of damaged I'll send a replacement of your purchase or the item is shipped back to me, I'll send you ONCE. 

Payment Method

Bank Transfer payments or Cash

Please make your payment promptly within 3 days from your order.
For Bank Transfer payments, please ensure any charges are paid by you and are not passed on to me. 
To be paid by the purchaser payments are to be provided by virtue of such service with the Order of Payment.

The shipping cost stated in above, the delivery.  They include a normal packaging and handling fee.
If in exceptional cases actually incurred higher shipping costs as indicated, assumes this the buyer.